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Automated Document Services are always delighted to provide answers to questions about our industry and specifically with regard to our services, please see below a number of questions that have been answered by our customer support team.

We would be delighted to receive any question you may have, simply fill in our request for information screen located in the contact part of the site, we look forward to being of service to you

Can scanning services be carried out at our site?

Yes. Autodocs have years of experience in providing on-site scanning services where it is difficult for the document to leave the location or there are security issues about the process taking place off-site.

How accurate is the data capture process?

Autodocs carry out extensive set-up procedures to all new data capture projects and work closely with the user to design and develop the most appropriate way to capture the various forms of data held on forms whether these be paper or electronic. We make extensive use of validation tables and verification processes, and combine the best use of technology with the most appropriate use of our skilled operators to ensure that as a minimum that we always achieve a minimum accuracy level of 99.98%.

How secure is the process?

Autodocs fully complies with ISO 27001 data security standards and this is supported with our 9001 quality and 14001 Environmental Standards. We are also Data Protection certified and all our staff have been fully vetted as part of our detailed induction process.

We work with many companies and organisations for whom data security and client confidentiality is of paramount importance, and this is supported by our internal ISO accredited procedures.

Can you combine processing paper with other forms of data capture?

Yes. Autodocs has carried out several national campaigns where we designed, printed and fulfilled a detailed questionnaire to members of the general public. We have then offered multiple channels of response consisting of filling in the paper form and returning this directly to our data centre, going online and with a unique number (URN) that links the end user to their completed form, and also we have set up dedicated call centres to allow inbound calls and assistance to fill in a web based form.

What new services are you working on?

We have been looking at the practical implementations of both automated invoice processing and centralised mailroom scanning. These services offer tremendous advantages to our clients, both old and new.