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Digital archiving services

Autodocs uses the most sophisticated data capture application system in the world, EMC Captiva Formware to design a specific process flow for every single customer. This highly modular system has been refined and developed by the Autodocs professional services team over the last 12 years to be the absolute pinnacle of high performance data capture processing.

From this system we "track and trace" every single data capture and processing activity that has taken place on every single form, and this unrivalled power means that our customers can be assured thatall work is carried out to the very highest of standards.

Every document must conform before it will be permitted to be passed to the next stage in the modular production process, and our clients can see at first hand the progress of every document as it goes through our systems.

All necessary validation checks can be carried out on every form.

All necessary verification processes can be checked on every single form.

All forms are linked within an overall workflow system that can allow prioritisation of work if required by the client.

The system can also incorporate external database "look ups" and integration into client specific applications.

At all times Autodocs has comprehensive management information on all work that is being carried out at any moment in time.

With all these features Autodocs can provide an absolute guarantee to each customer that their work is being processed to the highest of standards and the accuracy and security of the data is maintained at all times.