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Data analysis

An important feature of many of the large scale surveys that we carry out for a host of specialised agencies and government departments is the ability to take raw data produced from the information gathering exercise and convert this into meaningful information.

We use a host of techniques to do this but two of the most widely used specialised application systems are "SPSS" and "SNAP".

With our expertise in this area we can help design and structure a form or questionnaire in either paper format or electronic. We then test and develop the most appropriate way to capture, validate and verify the information, output it to an agreed format and then pass it through a specific analysis application to highlight specific areas that the client would like to investigate.

Our "in house" team have many years experience of this and can greatly assist the smallest to the largest application to deliver the key trends in customer and consumer information which in turn could be business critical in areas where choice, price and multiple levels of customer satisfaction are key elements to our customer.

We are always happy to provide practical examples of the "value added" services we can provide in this area.