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Data capture accuracy

We have a knowledge base of over 25 years in effective data capture techniques and operations, we have used this knowledge to provide some of the largest and most demanding projects for large information gathering exercises, these include national census trials, daily capture of all driving test forms in the UK and national examination processing requiring over 2 million forms captured in 6 week period.

The heart of the success in every one of these projects is our ability to provide consistent and accurate data that exceeds a minimum statistical average of 99.98% accuracy to a character level.

We achieve this through a number of techniques

  • Great form design
  • Developing sophisticated validation procedures
  • Having a robust verification process built into the overall capture system
  • Creation of check digit algorithms and numeric totals
  • Linkage to external look-up systems
  • Random and regular sampling
  • Real time and batch processing techniques
  • Most advanced OCR/OMR/ICR technology