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Data capture

Data Capture performance can be measured in a number of ways, Autodocs likes to combine all the necessary elements of capture to encompass the following key measures.

Speed of Capture

Dependent upon requirements data can be captured at the rate of over 40,000 forms per day using our existing infrastructure.

Accuracy of Capture

Our systems are designed to minimise any errors occurring at any time, with comprehensive programming and being involved with our customers at the design stage of the actual form being completed by the customer Autodocs can guarantee a minimum accuracy level in excess of 99.98%.

Validation of Data

Autodocs uses its extensive knowledge to build in extensive validation processes to ensure that wrong data cannot be entered into a form or the system used to capture the data. 

Verification of data

All data is verified using a minimum of at least 2 sources of data capture and these are compared in real time by the system to ensure that there is no discrepancy at any time. This allows Autodocs to ensure that the accuracy of the data is always to our extremely high standards.

Linkage to external database systems

Supplemental to the above we can incorporate linkage to external systems to check post code, bank details, credit references etc as a method to add overall data and to check data supplied is accurate.