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Data output

Autodocs can output data to any format required by our customers to update and feed their main corporate system either on a continuous basis or by an hourly/daily update method.

A major benefit in this area is our specialised "field end edit" programming which we have developed and refined over the years from the standard EMC Captiva platform.

This specialised application package allows us not only to take all the data from multiple inbound information gathering systems, but allows this to be consolidated, validated and structured in such as way as to meet with any data format requirement for the customer.

We can output both the data in the required structure for a data capture application and can also output relevant and index data and associated images to major document management systems in a highly structured way.

This can be also be considerably enhanced with "meta-tagging" and customer specific processing data for specialised archive applications.

The Autodocs technical team have built up a wealth of specific experience in this area which has been a considerable benefit to many of our specialist "ancient document" customers by shortenening development set-up times and also overall project implementation.