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Green credentials

Autodocs provides a service which is intrinsically beneficial to the environment. Our processes and services ultimately significantly reduce the amount of paper that needs to be produced by converting data and information that is on paper to electronic format.

Autodocs is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and replacing many of the environmentally unfriendly practices that exist within many organisations with a new way of working that makes a huge difference to each of our clients' carbon footprints.

This is done by taking away the need to hold vast amounts of paper records which can be copied several times to multiple different departments within the same organisation.

By digitising paper it is estimated that we can save the typical office over 4 tons of carbon per annum simply by converting to digital images.

Autodocs also fully complies with ISO 18001 Environmental Standards for every internal process, and in this context we continually work with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the amount of energy we use is minimised, creating a positive environmental profile.