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Response management

As part of any process which gathers and provides information successfully for a client, the response management element is a vital component.

Autodocs has worked on major national programmes for a number of key government and corporate organisations where the response management element is an intrinsic part of the success of the overall project.

In this area our data centre can receive "in bound" responses in a number of key ways

  • Mail delivery
  • Web based responses
  • Text based responses
  • Call Handling

This is also supplemented by returned mail handling and "Gone-away" processing to ensure that all customer data is current as possible.

Our response management teams work very closely with our customers to manage and report on the success of their outbound activities. The reporting structure can allow hourly and daily updates of the success of the projects they carry out on a continuous basis and we are currently working on a new system that will allow direct access to our workflow information management system to provide "real time" updates on where the information capture process is at any point in time.