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Scanning and recognition

Autodocs uses the considerable power and flexibility of the EMC Captiva platform to register, record and process all inbound pieces of information that are received.

This enterprise system is the backbone of our production control suite of application software and each stage has full work flow processing to allow "track and trace" of every element of information capture at any point in time.

A vital element of this is considering capture of information from paper. For this we use the multiple recognition technologies to scan and then classify data from structured and unstructured forms as they pass through our systems.

This has immense benefits in a live production environment where it is essential to capture data in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Autodocs has considerable experience of designing and implementing the most appropriate combinations of technology, people and systems to achieve the goals of speed, efficiency and accuracy for all our customers.

Typically a single information capture process will involve

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition
  • Data Repair via manual intervention from a skilled operator
  • Validation programming
  • Verification processes
  • Database integration
  • Linkages to external application systems (PAF, Bank, Credit Check, Electoral Roll)

In this context Autodocs also use the most appropriate scanners and software applications to ensure that each image converted from paper copy is captured to the highest possible standards.

Currently we use scanners from major manufactures such as

  • IBML
  • Scanoptics
  • Kodak
  • Canon
  • I2S
  • Zeutschel
  • Context