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Storage & secure destruction

With  many paper based information gathering processes there may be millions of documents that have been processed, and when the resultant data has been checked and validated by our customers to a clearly defined schedule, then a request may be made to move this material to a storage area.

secure storageAutodocs has the ability to hold many millions pages of paper in its short term storage area waiting for the agreed retention period to be completed.

We have specialised secure storage containers which are uniquely identified for each customer and these are coded by our system with the contents and the date into retention and date expected to be out of retention. This is supported with matching information on our internal Document System.

Specialised secure shredding processes are then deployed to shred the contents of the crates to predefined shredding standards agreed in advance with the customer.

Upon shredding in line with our internal ISO quality control processes, a certificate of secure destruction will be issued to the customer with all relevant details of the work that has been destroyed. This will complete the entire paper processing element for a large percentage of the work that we undertake on behalf of our customers.