What we do

Every day we help museums, retailers, the public sector, and more, with their bespoke digitisation needs. We also sell the best professional scanning equipment on the market. Autodocs offers three primary services:

Digitise and map your archives
Sell and install the best scanning technology
Put business documents in a digital format
Extract information with Data Capture

We have the equipment and expertise to guarantee a cost-effective digital archive solution that is tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and one-on-one support.


Why go digital?

◙ Centralised: all documents in one place.
◙ Security: records safe from flood, fire, with restricted access.
◙ Access: offer documents globally on any device.
◙ Archiving: preserve valuable paper documents.
◙ Organization: map documents and search information.
◙ Efficiency: find information quickly.
◙ Green: Stop using paper for every-day business.