The paper-chase is over. Whatever your data capture needs, Automated Document Services has the answer. 

We have a professional data capture service that facilitates your forms, surveys, invoices, and more. 

We capture your data using innovative recognition technology and extract the data you need.

We extract information daily for high-profile clients, providing their information digitally mapped to suit their needs. Customers depend on us to extract data from their forms, mail, and invoices.

We use a variety of systems for data capture. Sometimes a project demands a manual approach; whereby a trained operator will carefully harvest your data. We also have automated systems that allow us to collect your data fast.

Our data capture and information entry services are subject to review by a dedicated quality assurance team.

Data capture services we provide

  • Manual data entry and indexing
  • Intelligent character recognition
  • Legacy Data Import
  • Source Data Capture

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