We’re all about digitisation

At Automated Document Services, we digitise your documents. With a digital archive you can access your documents from anywhere in the world. You can create multiple copies of records and share your archive via the internet. Search your documents for the information you need and back-up your data so that you’ll never lose another record again. The environmental benefits of a digital archive will show your green credentials in an ecologically aware epoch. The world is turning digital and no organisation – large or small – can afford to be working with last century’s tools.

Our digitisation process


Fully tracked vans collect your documents from anywhere in the country. End-to-end control means we take full responsibility for the safety of these documents. We can supply the crates and archive boxes appropriate for you and assist with packaging. Our arrival at our storage room is recorded on a tracking system.


Before scanning, we remove all staples, paperclips, and bindings – if required. All pages are kept in order and all documents are stored in a secure warehouse with alarm systems and security cameras.


Our expert operators can scan any document from a postage stamp to double A0. The scanning department is free of any chemicals or liquids. Scanning operators work diligently with densitive documents, preserving the hard-copy in its original state. We can deliver the paper archives back to your office or we can have them securely shredded. We scan documents from huge governmental departments, businesses of all sizes, academic institutions, and historical research organisations. We are open for business to all who require digitisaton solutions.


We can index each scanned document using a reference system that suits you. Your documents will be neatly organised in a heirarchy that means you can find what you need when its needed. You can then search your documents, copy them, share them, and back them wherever you choose.

UK-based Data Capture

We have a team of in-house data capture operators skilled in keying, who use Captiva form ware and can guarantee 99.98% accuracy in all manual data capture keying projects. We refuse to out-source any data jobs abroad because your data is simply too important to be put in the hands of companies whose regulations and data training may not be as strict as ours.