Automated Document Services are experts in digitising rare, delicate, or important documents.

We are proud to regularly accept orders from reputable organisations across the United Kingdom, including universities, major retailers, and museums.

But in our 15 years as scanning experts we’ve made digital archives from all kinds of interesting and peculiar records. We have handled 300-year-old books, MRI scans, and even valuable postage stamps.

Our testimonials speak of our dedication and ability to deliver. We digitise everything from the size of a postage-stamp to A0 size.

Our state-of-the-art technology means we can expertly digitise the following types of documents and more:

  • Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Theses
  • Magazines
  • Microfilm
  • Newspapers
  • Glass Plate Negatives
  • Photographs
  • Birth and Death certificates

But why have your collection digitised at all?


An increasing challenge in heritage archiving is the need to allow access to documents whilst trying to keep safe what are often some very delicate and very old items.


Don’t forget the additional benefit of being able to back-up and replicate your documents. In the event of a fire or flood, you will still have a digital replica of each document with all its information intact.


It’s not easy to flick through old books looking for that one piece of information; particularly when the collection could be hundreds or thousands of books in total. Our scanning service let’s you use Optical Character Recognition to make your digital archive easy to search. Suddenly there is a wealth of information just seconds away and at your fingertips.

So how does it work?

  • Our friendly team arrive by van and securely pack your documents for transport. We deal with large and small orders across the UK.
  • Your documents arrive at our scanning facility where they are safely housed in a high-security warehouse.
  • Our trained scanners look at each document and decide how it is best scanned. He or she will then digitise the documents in a clean and secure dark room using the latest scanning technology.
  • All our work is processed in line with the BSI regulations to which we comply.
  • If you require the original documents back, they are returned to you by us. If you want the originals destroyed, they are shredded after scanning and sent to a recycling centre.

Every day we help organisations like you digitise their archives. From museums and universities, to major retailers, we are provide a fast and secure digitisation service.

Having your important documents scanned and archived means you:

  • can share important records with a global audience
  • allow viewing of documents with damaging the originals
  • Back-up your records and never lose a file
  • Search text within documents
  • Make multiple copies of records

We carefully scan and archive your records: from newspapers to historic documents, we digitise in a clean facility using advanced technology. The end result is a fascinating archive which is fully searchable and globally accessible.

People need no longer travel great distances to your office, library, or museum. Your documents can we accessed by as many or as a few people as you wish. Our historical archiving sector has successfully delivered digitised records to museums, universities, and libraries.

We are currently digitising the precious records of eight high profile universities and museums. We have scanned millions of documents and our previous clients include major government sectors and high-profile firms in the private sector.

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Contact us to arrange the scanning of your historical documents, allowing global access and ensuring you’ll never need worry about handling or lending the original records.

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