CopiBook V-Shape

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CopiBook V-shape, a scanner compliant with the ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze Light and FADGI 3* standards

Backed by 12 years of experience, the CopiBook range kept on improving thanks to

multiple innovations, enhancing technological performance and image quality over time.
The fourth generation of CopiBook range has been designed to satisfy the most
demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality. This search for excellence
corresponds to i2S strategy and endeavours. Image quality being at the core of i2S
concerns, CopiBook V-shape is compliant with ISO 19264-1 standard, Metamorfoze
Light and FADGI*** image quality guidelines.

The best scanner for valuable documents

In order to better match end-users requirements to digitize fragile books, i2S made this new CopiBook model
with a 120° V bookholder and glass plate designed for the sake of gentleness on any bound documents:
adjustable glass pressure on books and polished glass with no cutting edge. Minimal information is lost thanks
to the V-shape glass that goes deep down in the book gutter with only 2 mm (0,08 in.) thickness.


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