A SOFTWARE suite that enables anyone to preserve, manage, and exhibit content is revolutionising digital content curation – writes Autodocs technical director Ewan Christie.

AS a planet we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, says a study by Forbes Magazine, the bulk of which is dispensable and goes amiss to no-one. But what about content we really value and wish to keep? Hard-drives and the Cloud will serve as repositories.
But just as storage of content is crucial, it does nothing in the way of best manifesting information. In this digital era an office clerk can wonder at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” on a MacBook in a Starbucks in Johannesburg. When he’s not ‘writing a screenplay’ over that frappuccino, naturally. And didn’t I recently reread George Orwell’s 1984 on Kindle? Not that I chose that book as an example on account of its burlesque critique on centralised information.
limbsoftware2.jpgAll books that we treasure, the paintings we want to pass on, all manner of content can be accessed globally. Well, in theory. Someone’s got to upload it first. Then sort the files, archive them, host it all, and figure out how to make it all widely accessible. Million-dollar institutions have had bespoke curation software built for them, enabling historic paintings and fragile censuses to be enjoyed across the world. But our partners at i2s found a remarkable crossover between those who want to achieve digital curation and those who are not a national gallery.
The demand for a cheaper and easier way to curation and exhibition was clear. What i2s have developed is a software called LIMB Gallery which enables any organisation to build and share its collections online. The latest edition of LIMB is currently used by over 50 high profile organisations across the globe, including the The Institute of France, Le Telegramme, Radford University, and The Graduate Institute of Geneva. LIMB Gallery provides a fully featured online back office to easily manage a digital library using a simple web browser.
Users can patrons can easily browse and use its search engine to filter across images, PDFs, audio, video, and 3D objects. Users can engage more visitors with the ability to discover content from any platform including tablets and mobile phones. LIMB GALLERY is delivered with a fully responsive design. The built in content viewer includes a powerful image streaming engine to facilitate discovery on mobile platforms.
All content viewers are built on modern technologies employing widely used open standards that are available on all web browsers without any requirements for additional plugins. LIMB GALLERY’s digital library solution is available for on premise hosting or Cloud. Maybe your organisation has an archive deserving of wider attention and capable of attracting more than dust.
Autodocs is the UK’s exclusive distributor for the LIMB Gallery suite and we’re eager to talk about how we can help you curate the content that matters to you. Digital curation is the bedrock of an ecological, secure, and accessible digital collection and LIMB Gallery empowers everyone in realising this exciting dynamic.


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